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My evenings - honeymoon planning

SJ and I are going to PA for our upcoming honeymoon.  We're going to visit Hawk Mountain, Bushkill Falls, and Amish Country.  We hope to take an Amish Buggy Ride and visit some covered bridges too.  We booked stays at 3 bed and breakfasts, each near one of the places we'd like to visit.  We've spent a lot of time looking at guide books and pictures of rooms and inns and hotels and the surround areas.  The Poconos has some pretty funny "couples only" resorts with champagne glass shaped whirlpool tubs, heart shaped pools and round beds under mirrored ceilings.  It seems like there were a lot more back in the day, and now there are fewer of these types of places, and more bed and breakfast type places.

This will be our first vacation of this length in our adult lives that wasn't spent going to visit someone else.  We're very excited.

Tags: 365-2009, travel, wedding
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